Massachusetts 1800 State Senate, Worcester County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1800 State Senate, Worcester County
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Salem Towne, Bezaleel Taft, Josiah Stearns, Elija Brigham, Thomas Hale, Levi Lincoln, John Whiting, Samuel Flagg, Samuel Jones, Nathaniel Paine, Jabez Upham, Edmond Howe, John Sprague, Benjamin Reed, Daniel Bigelow, Charles Cusing, Benjamin Kinball, Moses White, Joseph Stone, Joseph Wood, Luke Drury, Pliny Merrick, Andrew Peters, Benjamin Haywood, Joseph Fox, John Cutler, Thomas Denny, Silas Cutler, William Putnam, Timothy Whiting, Jonathan Warner, Samuel Curtis, Nathaniel Fisher, Howard, Artemas Howe, Stephen Rice, Timothy Bouteil, Jonathan Hale, William Henshaw, Silas Holman, Cheney Reed, Josiah Town, scattering
Candidates: Salem Towne[1]Bezaleel Taft[2]Josiah Stearns[3]Elija Brigham[4]Thomas Hale[5]Levi LincolnJohn WhitingSamuel FlaggSamuel JonesNathaniel PaineJabez UphamEdmond HoweJohn SpragueBenjamin ReedDaniel BigelowCharles CusingBenjamin KinballMoses WhiteJoseph StoneJoseph WoodLuke DruryPliny MerrickAndrew PetersBenjamin HaywoodJoseph FoxJohn CutlerThomas DennySilas CutlerWilliam PutnamTimothy WhitingJonathan WarnerSamuel CurtisNathaniel FisherHowardArtemas HoweStephen RiceTimothy BouteilJonathan HaleWilliam HenshawSilas HolmanCheney ReedJosiah Townscattering
Final Result: [6]24092178211321041743--------------------------------------
Worcester County24092178211321041743--------------------------------------
Town of Ashburnham-------------------------------------------
Town of Athal-------------------------------------------
Town of Barre50364141226---16----27------9---------------------
District of Berlin-------------------------------------------
Town of Bolton-------------------------------------------
Town of Boylston4542483726--------------------------------------
Town of Brookfield17315287162152161311-110-2--------7-1---------------11-28
Town of Charlton5462636563--------------------------------------
Town of Douglas4457505755--------------------------------------
Town of Dudley5555555432--------------------------------------
Town of Fitchburg21-1919118-------35-32193235-----21--13--5------------
Town of Gardner-------------------------------------------
Town of Gerry-------------------------------------------
Town of Grafton81818341362------40------39--1----------2---------
Town of Hardwick[7]42175147502----441----------------------22-------
Town of Harvard-------------------------------------------
Town of Holden2339361740-3--23--3----------16-------------------
Town of Hubbardston462935-38--------------------------------------
Town of Lancaster11996103109981920-13----------------------------------
Town of Leicester4148-4140----41---------------------------------
Town of Leominster4831293717411-----440-33392112---------106------1------
Town of Lunenberg4831293717--------------------------------------
Town of Mendon77207202049545456----------4-----------------------
Town of Milford-------------------------------------------
Town of New Braintree4545434538--------------------------------------
Town of Northborough3234281710--------------------------------------
Town of Northbridge-------------------------------------------
Town of Oakham[8]1615261913-11---14---5------11---------------------
Town of Oxford-------------------------------------------
Town of Paxton2028282621-7-35-------------3-------------------
Town of Petersham5128593835263727-211665--27-------26--------------------
Town of Princeton816966767654--11--12----------5-------------------
Town of Royalston1546163---------------------------------------
Town of Rutland321130333--------------------------------------
Town of Shrewsbury-------------------------------------------
Town of Southborough-------------------------------------------
Town of Spencer173235221216-2-8---------------197----------------
Town of Sterling7149366548--------------------------------------
Town of Sturbridge717576-74----54---------------------2-----------
Town of Sutton-------------------------------------------
Town of Templeton-------------------------------------------
Town of Upton-------------------------------------------
Town of Uxbridge-------------------------------------------
Town of Ward1018782394445352----------36-----4----------1-----
Town of Westborough3173613764--------------------------------------
Town of Western3546464825513---16------------------------------1-
Town of Westminster-------------------------------------------
Town of Winchendon-------------------------------------------
Town of Worcester[9]1352524411410410011095182-35-7--3---1----8-----2-----1----


[6]"No. Voters, 3093. Make a choice, 1547." Governor's Council Records.
[7]The Thomas's Massachusetts Spy: Or, The Worcester Gazette (Worcester, MA). lists 50 votes each for Salem Town, Elijah Brigham, Josiah Stearns and Thomas Hale. Bezaleel Taft is listed as receiving zero votes.
[8]The Thomas's Massachusetts Spy: Or, The Worcester Gazette (Worcester, MA). lists Salem Town with 18 votes, Elijah Brigham with 32 votes, Josiah Stearns with 34 votes, Thomas Hale with 18 votes and Bezaleel Taft with 25 votes.
[9]The Independent Gazetteer (Worcester, MA) lists 105 votes for Levi Linclon.


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