New York 1801 Assembly, New York County

Assembly (State)
New York 1801 Assembly, New York County
New York
First Ballot
Thomas Storm, John Broome, George Warner, Samuel Osgood, Peter Elting, Elias Nexsen, Henry Rutgers, Benjamin Livingston, Thomas Farmer, James Hunt, Ezekiel Robbins, Philip J. Arcularius, William Few, Robert Troup, Selah Strong, James Roosevelt, John Oothout, Cadwallader D. Colden, Nathaniel Pendleton, Isaac Burr, Abraham Russell, John Townsend, Jacob Sherred, Jonathan Little, William W. Woolsey, Samuel Stillwell
Candidates: Thomas StormJohn BroomeGeorge WarnerSamuel OsgoodPeter EltingElias NexsenHenry RutgersBenjamin LivingstonThomas FarmerJames HuntEzekiel RobbinsPhilip J. ArculariusWilliam FewRobert TroupSelah StrongJames RooseveltJohn OothoutCadwallader D. ColdenNathaniel PendletonIsaac BurrAbraham RussellJohn TownsendJacob SherredJonathan LittleWilliam W. WoolseySamuel Stillwell
Final Result: [1]36523651364436423637363236303630362536203615361236072168215821572152214921482145214521452142214121382132
New York County36523651364436423637363236303630362536203615361236072168215821572152214921482145214521452142214121382132
City of New York36523651364436423637363236303630362536203615361236072168215821572152214921482145214521452142214121382132
Ward One210208210208208208206209207207205205208221219221219219219218218217220219219218
Ward Two215217214216217210215213212206208209205375367372375368378367368369368365365364
Ward Three286284283281280281277278278280281277275365367361362363360366362363359361363362
Ward Four424426425425422421418422421417420417416274273274274273269268270267271275268269
Ward Five545545544543540542544541538542535540534313315312306309306308310312305306307303
Ward Six921919917919918918919918917917917917918267265264264265263266264265266263264263
Ward Seven1051105210511050105210521051104910521051104910471051353352353352352353352353352353352352353


[1]The Commercial Advertiser on May 2, 1801 was the first New York newspaper to report the Assembly elections. The four other Federalist newspapers reprinted those returns on May 4 and May 6, 1801 and except for two exceptions in the Daily Advertiser [James Little 353, Jacob Sherred 366] all the returns in the Federalist newspaper agree with each other. The American Citizen (New York, NY) and General Advertiser (New York, NY) published their Assembly returns on May 4, 1801, which were then republished in their country newspaper, the Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY). So there were essentially only two sources [American Citizen (New York, NY) and General Advertiser (New York, NY) and Commercial Advertiser] for this election. The American Citizen (New York, NY) and General Advertiser (New York, NY) results differ from those reported in the Federalist prints with the arrangement of candidates and some vote differences, especially among the Federalist Ticket. The votes for the Republican Ticket as reported in the American Citizen (New York, NY) and General Advertiser (New York, NY) are likely correct. There were only three differences in the Republican votes, which are returns from the American Citizen (New York, NY) and General Advertiser (New York, NY). Returns for the Federalist ticket are not so clear cut, as there were numerous differences between the two sources. The cross filing of votes indicate that those for Jacob Sherred, Nathaniel Pendleton, Abraham Russell and John Townsend as reported in the American Citizen (New York, NY) and General Advertiser (New York, NY) are generally not accurate. It appears returns for the Federalist ticket as published in the Commercial Advertiser are correct, except for William W. Woolsey. His 219 vote is from American Citizen (New York, NY) and General Advertiser (New York, NY) and there appears to have been one transposition; Nathaniel Pendleton in Ward 2, his vote of 387 [Commercial Advertiser] should be 378.


Commercial Advertiser (New York, NY). May 2, 1801.
American Citizen and General Advertiser (New York, NY). May 4, 1801.
The Daily Advertiser (New York, NY). May 4, 1801.
Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY). May 6, 1801.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). May 12, 1801.

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