New York 1809 Treasurer, Colonie

Treasurer (State)
New York 1809 Treasurer, Colonie
New York
First Ballot
David Pruyn, Christopher Lansing
Candidates: David Pruyn[1]Christopher Lansing
Final Result: [2]11564
Town of Colonie11564


[2]"To Soloman Southwick, Esquire, S. P.-- F.D.P.-- S.C.A.-- Etc. Etc. Etc. Permit a humble citizen of the little town of Colonie to address you. You, Sir Solomon, have undoubtedly heard of the illustrious Squire of the more illustrious Don Quixotte. His name was Sancho. He, like yourself, was a very wise man. His head was as full of proverbs, as you paper is of truth. One of the great Sancho's maxims was 'that he was but a poor tool to BEGIN a battle ; but that he always came on like the very d---l at the LAST END.' Now, Sir Solomon, we Colonie lads practically improve Sancho's maxim. While many of us were busily pursuing our lawful employments (for federalists can't live without labor) the democratic band pounced at our poll held for the election of town officers, and succeeded by a small majority. In an instant the world was in an uproar--Huzzaing, shouting, drumming, and yankee doodling, annoyed through the whole night, not only our own peaceable citizens, but the good people of adjoining towns. The thing took wind among the 'party,' and when rectified and made good proof, it ran through the 'FAUCET' with great applause. Now, Sir Solomon, we do not with to call you hard names, or rob you of a single feather--We think you about as honest as half the demagogues who, for years past, have flattered and cajoled the people, by ten thousand pitiful arts, to the very brink of ruin. Now, Sir Solomon, as you happen to be among those unfortunate men who have lately been arraigned at the impartial bar of the of the people's judgment, and have been there convicted of innumerable paltry arts and tricks in deceiving the people to whom you had professed unbounded and everlasting friendship ; and, as you must soon receive your sentence to retire with that load of contempt to which you are justly entitled ; the federalists of Colonie claim it, as a matter of justice at your hands, that you atone for part of your errors by publishing in your Register the following correct result of the election in the Colonie: TRUSTEES. Federal. ...Democratic. ...ASSESSORS. Federal. ...Democratic. ...TREASURER. Federal. ...Democratic. ...COLLECTOR. Federal...And now, Sir Solomon, a single parting word, and we have done with you. The above is a correct statement of our last election, and if you deem it expedient to have yankee doodle or any other favorite air played among us on this occasion, we are well prepared, having lately found an old ballad, every feather of which glides glibly to the tune of yankee doodle. -A Federalist of the Colonie." The Balance, and New-York State Journal (Albany, NY). May 5, 1809.


The Balance, and New-York State Journal (Albany, NY). May 5, 1809.

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