Massachusetts 1790 U.S. House of Representatives, District 4

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Massachusetts 1790 U.S. House of Representatives, District 4
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Theodore Sedgwick, Samuel Lyman, William Lyman, Thompson J. Skinner, John Bacon, Samuel Fowler, William Whiting, Simeon Strong, Jonathan Arms, Elijah Hunt, Samuel Pomeroy, William Williams
Candidates: Theodore Sedgwick[1]Samuel LymanWilliam LymanThompson J. SkinnerJohn BaconSamuel FowlerWilliam WhitingSimeon StrongJonathan ArmsElijah HuntSamuel PomeroyWilliam Williams
Final Result: [2]22414877462602919111111
District of Four22414877462602919111111
Berkshire County8023815950-19-----
Town of Adams7--9--------
Town of Alford24---1-5-----
Town of Becket27---2-------
Town of Dalton---2--12-----
Town of Egremont125----------
Town of Great Barrington391----2-----
Town of Hancock22-----------
Town of Lanesborough67-----------
Town of Lee232-122-------
Town of Lenox25--144-------
Town of Louden28-----------
Town of Mount Washington410----------
District of New Ashford16-----------
Town of New Marlborough50-----------
Town of Partridgefield33-----------
Town of Pittsfield651-1--------
Town of Richmond55---3-------
Town of Sandisfield318----------
Town of Sheffield6210----------
Town of Stockbridge95---2-------
Town of Tyringham7---13-------
Town of Washington14-----------
Town of West Stockbridge34---3-------
Town of Williamstown51132--------
Town of Windsor57-----------
Hampshire County14394497331029-111111
Town of Amherst34-----------
Town of Ashfield36-----------
Town of Belchertown2313----------
Town of Bernardston204----------
Town of Blandford4314----------
Town of Brimfield60-----------
Town of Buckland27-----------
Town of Charlemont8-----------
Town of Chester257----------
Town of Chesterfield1739---------
Town of Colrain18-----------
Town of Conway34-----------
Town of Cummington211-2--------
Town of Deerfield27-----------
District of Easthampton25-----------
Town of Goshen28-----------
Town of Granby13-----------
Town of Granville286----------
Town of Greenfield223----------
Town of Greenwich517----------
Town of Hadley32-5---------
Town of Hatfield35-----------
Town of Heath16-----------
Town of Holland41-----------
Town of Leverett272----------
District of Leyden82----------
Town of Longmeadow3026----------
Town of Ludlow-286---------
Town of Middlefield152----------
Town of Monson2622----------
Town of Montague17-----------
Town of Montgomery911----------
Town of New Salem177----------
Town of Northampton99121---------
Town of Northfield20-----------
Town of Norwich3711----------
District of Orange24-----------
Town of Palmer338----------
Town of Pelham125----------
District of Plainfield10-----------
Town of Rowe[3]------------
Town of Shelburne56--1--------
Town of Shutesbury-42----------
Town of South Brimfield-13----------
Town of South Hadley129----------
Town of Southampton814----------
Town of Southwick9-1---------
Town of Springfield2536----------
Town of Sunderland183----------
Town of Ware417----------
Town of Warwick396----------
Town of Wendell251----------
Town of West Springfield84726---------
Town of Westfield3542---------
Town of Westhampton23-----------
Town of Whately12-----------
Town of Wilbraham944----------
Town of Williamsburg31-3---------
Town of Worthington60-----------


[2]"Hampshire and etc. District. Whole number 2987. A choice 1494. Hon. Theodore Sedgwick, Esq. had 2241 votes and is chosen." Western Star (Stockbridge, MA). November 16, 1790.
[3]There were no votes recorded in Rowe.


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