Massachusetts 1824 State Senate, Franklin County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1824 State Senate, Franklin County
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
George Grinnell, Jr., Thomas Longley, Elihu Hoyt, John Nevers, Thaddeus Coleman, Ephraim Hastings, Joshua Green, Solomon Smead, Medad Alexander, Jonathan Blake, Jr., Asa Howland, Solomon Reed, William Putnam, Samuel Coolidge, scattering
Candidates: George Grinnell, Jr.Thomas LongleyElihu HoytJohn NeversThaddeus ColemanEphraim HastingsJoshua GreenSolomon SmeadMedad AlexanderJonathan Blake, Jr.Asa HowlandSolomon ReedWilliam PutnamSamuel Coolidgescattering
Final Result: [1][2][3][4]1856148912469649556279038383128281146
Franklin County1843148912469649556279038383128281146
Town of Ashfield11613218--1---------
Town of Bernardston281655838226---------
Town of Buckland919543131----------
Town of Charlemont19201292-1241-----11-
Town of Colrain211561471291365---------
Town of Conway1201213055567---------
Town of Deerfield[5]69381564647107---------
Ervings Grant[6]33209------------
Town of Gill565614949----------
Town of Greenfield785347464736----17----
Town of Hawley10411142--34---------
Town of Heath1143613262787---------
Town of Leverett404325555-5--------
Town of Leyden7866124634----------
Town of Monroe---------------
Town of Montague94664941392----2----
Town of New Salem4251498271122-1515------
Town of Northfield114367274784---------
Town of Orange26-268888----1-----
Town of Rowe588303335-2121--28---
Town of Shelburne867866171730---------
Town of Shutesbury7790104-4----9----
Town of Sunderland98832044----------
Town of Warwick1013510711113---30-----
Town of Wendell132454-5-8422------
Town of Whately9859467275----------


[1]"Whole number of votes, 3679. Necessary to a choice, 1840." Governor's Council Records.
[2]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect. George Grinnell, Jr. and John Nevers would subsequently be elected by the Massachusetts General Court.
[3]The Official Returns lists 1489 votes for Thomas Longley, but doing the addition with the town totals as shown, returns 1488 votes.
[4]The Official Returns lists 1246 votes for Elihu Hoyt, but doing the addition with the town totals as shown, returns 1244 votes.
[5]George Grennell received 13 votes as George Grennell, Jr.
[6]"The Committee further report that they have rejected the return from the plantation of Ervings Grant, in the County of Franklin, it not being a town or district." Governor's Council Records.


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