New York 1808 Assembly, Columbia County

Assembly (State)
New York 1808 Assembly, Columbia County
New York
First Ballot
Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer, James Hyatt, Moncrief Livingston, Gaius Stebbins, Josiah Holley, John King, Alexander Coffin, William Tanner, Herman Knickerbacker, Robert LeRoy Livingston, Edward P. Livingston, Samuel Ten Broeck, Elisha Holley, Thomas Broadhead, Francis Bryan, Josiah Coffin, Jacob Davis, Hackaliah Doolittle, Jeriah King, Anson Pratt, Daniel Rodman
Candidates: Jacob Rutsen Van Rensselaer[1]James Hyatt[2]Moncrief Livingston[3]Gaius Stebbins[4]Josiah HolleyJohn KingAlexander CoffinWilliam TannerHerman KnickerbackerRobert LeRoy LivingstonEdward P. LivingstonSamuel Ten BroeckElisha HolleyThomas BroadheadFrancis BryanJosiah CoffinJacob DavisHackaliah DoolittleJeriah KingAnson PrattDaniel Rodman
Final Result: [5][6][7][8][9]238823842374234318191803178917846633211111111
Columbia County238823842374234318191803178917846633211111111
Town of Canaan313313314315320324320319-------------
Town of Chatham186186183184180182177178--1-------1--
Town of Claverack[10]213213210206240240242243-------------
Town of Clermont[11]11611511511521212122-------------
Town of Gallatin29428729128268484846-------------
Town of Germantown[12]898990899989-------------
Town of Granger204206205203117119121118----2--------
Town of Hillsdale[13]1941871861783563563543511123-----1-11
City of Hudson33033632432328829428629244---1-11----
Town of Kinderhook24023924023919319319419111----1------
Town of Livingston20921321620927171815-------------


[5]The Official Canvass of votes published in newspapers reports some scattering votes that were not recorded in the Columbia County Poll Books.
[6]Some spellings of candidates' names differ.
[7]Robert LeRoy Livingston and Herman Knickerbacker were candidates for Congress. Samuel Ten Broeck and Edward P. Livingston were candidates for State Senate.
[8]"In Hudson...Towards the close of the poll, our jailer, who had just returned from his electioneering labors in the country...brought up to the poll a prisoner who had been in close confinement for more than a year in one of the strong rooms of the jail. His vote was challenged; and he made oath, that he had rented a tenement in the county for the last six months, of the yearly value of five dollars. Waving all remarks on the propriety of bringing a prisoner out of close confinement to vote against freemen, we beg leave to ask where this man rents a tenement? He came from another county when he was put into confinement here...While we are speaking of this voter, we cannot forebear to remark, that the bare word of this man was accepted by the inspectors as a proof of his naturalization, (he being a foreigner) while free men of colour who had regularly voted for years past, were required to produce positive proof of their manumission, before they could be admitted. In one instance, a man of this description, who had become a freeholder, was compelled to ride four miles after his certificate of manumission, which he had held for several years. This fact might excite some surprize, was it not recollected that every one of the inspectors were committee-men duly appointed to promote the election of the democratic candidates." The Balance (Hudson, NY). May 3, 1808.
[9]The American Citizen (New York, NY), The Balance (Hudson, NY) and the Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY) report the same total votes for four candidates. They report Montcreif Livingston with 2365 total votes, Gaius Stebbins with 2345, James Hyatt with 1820 and William Tanner with 1783 total votes, which differ from the totals reported in the Original Returns by 9, 2, 1 and 1 vote respectively. The slight differences may be accounted for by township totals being switched between candidates, their being off by one or more votes, or in the case of James Hyatt, to the reversal of digits in the Gallatin township total, from 287 to 278 votes.
[10]The American Citizen (New York, NY) and the Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY), in a probable typographical error, report 313 votes for Jacob R. Van Rensselaer in Claverack, but both sources report the same total vote for the county as other sources do.
[11]The American Citizen (New York, NY), The Balance (Hudson, NY), and the Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY) report 22 votes for Josiah Holley and 21 votes for William Tanner in Clermont.
[12]Moncreif Livingston received 1 vote as Moncraff Livingston.
[13]The American Citizen (New York, NY), The Balance (Hudson, NY), and Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY) report 178 votes for Moncrief Livingston and 180 votes for Gaius Stebbins in Hillsdale.


Original Election Returns.
The Balance (Hudson, NY). May 3, 1808.
American Citizen (New York, NY). May 7, 1808.
Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY). May 10, 1808.

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