New Hampshire 1810 State Senate, District 12

State Senate (State)
State Senator
New Hampshire 1810 State Senate, District 12
New Hampshire
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Moore Russell, Abel Merrill, Moody Bedel, S. Meserve, Ebenezer Hoit, Enoch Colby, Samuel Brooks, Edward Evans, John Fairfield, B. J. Gilbert, Charles Johnson, Moses P. Payson
Candidates: Moore Russell[1]Abel MerrillMoody BedelS. MeserveEbenezer HoitEnoch ColbySamuel BrooksEdward EvansJohn FairfieldB. J. GilbertCharles JohnsonMoses P. Payson
Final Result: 1683106431753221111
District of Twelve1683106431753221111
Coos County225107-7--------
Town of Cockburne176----------
Town of Colebrook2419----------
Town of Dalton305----------
Town of Jefferson621----------
Town of Lancaster838----------
Town of Northumberland254----------
Town of Percy18-----------
Town of Stewartstown421----------
Town of Stratford1823----------
Town of Whitefield[2]------------
Grafton County145895731-53221111
Town of Alexandria4621----------
Town of Bath1434110----1---1
Town of Bethlehem3521----------
Town of Bridgewater7369----------
Town of Campton11313----------
Town of Concord3097----------
Town of Coventry715----------
Town of Danbury2816----------
Town of Ellsworth23-----------
Town of Franconia1046----2---1-
Town of Groton6028----------
Town of Haverhill10244---3--11--
Town of Hebron3958----------
Town of Landaff3943-----1----
Town of Lincoln-10----------
Town of Littleton3097----------
Town of Lyman8024----------
Town of New Chester6359----------
Town of New Holderness10231----------
Town of Orange29---5-------
Town of Peeling2217----------
Town of Piermont54713---------
Town of Plymouth10545----------
Town of Rumney5459----------
Town of Thornton11911----------
Town of Warren1941----------


[2]There were no votes recorded in Whitefield.


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