South Carolina 1792 Electoral College

Electoral College (Federal)
South Carolina 1792 Electoral College
South Carolina
First Ballot
Electoral College/Elector
Charles C. Pinckney, Andrew Pickens, Robert Anderson, John Barnwell, John Chesnut, John Hunter, Edward Rutledge, John J. Pringle, William Wilson, David Ramsey, William Pegues, Jacob Read, James G. Hunt, Thomas Taylor, Henry W. DeSaussure, Peter Horry, William Thomson, John E. Calhoun, John B. Holmes, Ephraim Ramsey, Francis Marion, Patrick Calhoun, Zachariah Horskins, Arthur Simkins, John Bull, Anthony Toomer, William Bratton, Joseph Brown, Robert Ellison, John Kershaw, Isaac Harleston, Mathias Hutchinson, John Hunt, John Martin, Lewis Morris, William Washington
Electors: Charles C. Pinckney[1]Andrew Pickens[2]Robert Anderson[3]John Barnwell[4]John Chesnut[5]John Hunter[6]Edward RutledgeJohn J. PringleWilliam WilsonDavid RamseyWilliam PeguesJacob ReadJames G. HuntThomas TaylorHenry W. DeSaussurePeter HorryWilliam ThomsonJohn E. CalhounJohn B. HolmesEphraim RamseyFrancis MarionPatrick CalhounZachariah HorskinsArthur SimkinsJohn BullAnthony ToomerWilliam BrattonJoseph BrownRobert EllisonJohn KershawIsaac HarlestonMathias HutchinsonJohn HuntJohn MartinLewis MorrisWilliam Washington
Presidential Candidate:George WashingtonGeorge WashingtonGeorge WashingtonGeorge WashingtonGeorge WashingtonGeorge Washington
Final Result: [7][8]125908784807364565242414136343126231414141210106442222111111


[7]Six of the eight alloted electors were elected on the first ballot. The remaining candidates were then voted on again in a second ballot when the final two were elected.
[8]None of the electors are listed as declared for any particular candidate but all of them voted for George Washington. Seven of the eight voted for John Adams and the remaining elector voted for Aaron Burr.


Rough House Journals.

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