Massachusetts 1812 House of Representatives, Boston

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
Massachusetts 1812 House of Representatives, Boston
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
Thomas Barry, George Blanchard, William Brown, Samuel Cobb, Nathaniel Curtis, Charles Davis, Isaac P. Davis, Samuel Dunn, Joshua Ellis, Richard Faxon, Thacher Goodard, William Hammatt, William Harris, Barzillia Homes, John D. Howard, Jonathan Hunnewell, Charles Jackson, Oliver Keating, Josiah Knapp, George G. Lee, Jonathan Loring, John May, Daniel Messenger, John Parker, Joseph Pierce, William Porter, Samuel J. Prescott, James Robinson, Benjamin Russell, Henry Sargent, James Savage, Lemuel Shaw, Andrew Sigourney, William Smith, William H. Sumner, Ephraim Thayer, Samuel M. Thayer, Joseph Tilden, Alexander Townsend, Lynde Walter, Nathan Webb, Benjamin Weld, Benjamin Whitman, Jonathan Whitney
Candidates: Thomas Barry[1]George Blanchard[2]William Brown[3]Samuel Cobb[4]Nathaniel Curtis[5]Charles Davis[6]Isaac P. Davis[7]Samuel Dunn[8]Joshua Ellis[9]Richard Faxon[10]Thacher Goodard[11]William Hammatt[12]William Harris[13]Barzillia Homes[14]John D. Howard[15]Jonathan Hunnewell[16]Charles Jackson[17]Oliver Keating[18]Josiah Knapp[19]George G. Lee[20]Jonathan Loring[21]John May[22]Daniel Messenger[23]John Parker[24]Joseph Pierce[25]William Porter[26]Samuel J. Prescott[27]James Robinson[28]Benjamin Russell[29]Henry Sargent[30]James Savage[31]Lemuel Shaw[32]Andrew Sigourney[33]William Smith[34]William H. Sumner[35]Ephraim Thayer[36]Samuel M. Thayer[37]Joseph Tilden[38]Alexander Townsend[39]Lynde Walter[40]Nathan Webb[41]Benjamin Weld[42]Benjamin Whitman[43]Jonathan Whitney[44]
Final Result: [45][46]--------------------------------------------
Town of Boston--------------------------------------------


[45]"These gentlemen .... were chosen on Thursday last without opposition - votes about 1650." Columbian Centinel. Massachusetts Federalist (Boston, MA). May 13, 1812.
[46]"Yesterday the inhabitants of this town assembled for the purpose of choosing Representatives to the General Court for the ensuing year. The list published in our last was carried by an average majority of 1670." The Repertory and General Advertiser (Boston, MA). May 15, 1812.


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The Repertory and General Advertiser (Boston, MA). May 15, 1812.

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