Kentucky 1817 House of Representatives, Logan County

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
Kentucky 1817 House of Representatives, Logan County
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
Boanerges Roberts, Presley N. O'Bannon, Curd, Urbin Ewing
Candidates: Boanerges RobertsPresley N. O'BannonCurdUrbin Ewing
Affiliation:For New ElectionFor New ElectionAgainst New ElectionAgainst New Election
Final Result: [1][2]704689420394
Logan County704689420394


[1]George Madison who was elected Governor of Kentucky in August 1816, died very shortly after being inaugurated. He was succeeded by Gabriel Slaughter, who had just been elected as Lieutenant Governor. The new Lieutenant Governor, appointed John Pope, who was considered by many to be an avowed Federalist, to the office of Secretary of State for Kentucky. This caused uproar among the Kentucky Republicans and many of them demanded a new election for Governor and that became a big issue in the state elections of 1817. It would have required an act of the State Legislature to call for a new election of a Governor, so in the 1817 state elections, candidates for the state legislature aligned themselves into those who were in favor of a new election for Governor, and those against a new election for Governor.
[2]Most of the counties in Kentucky voted at their Court House. Some of the more populated counties also had other voting districts, which were often the areas outside the vicinity of the Court House area and some were simply called "the precinct." This return for Logan county did not include the votes from the precinct.


The Reporter (Lexington, KY). August 13, 1817.

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