North Carolina 1799 State Senate, Richmond County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
North Carolina 1799 State Senate, Richmond County
North Carolina
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
James S. Sandford, Duncan MacFarland
Candidates: James S. Sandford[1]Duncan MacFarland
Final Result: 331292
Richmond County[2][3]331292


[2]This election was later declared void by the State Senate. When a new election was held in December, Robert Webb would be elected.
[3]Duncan MacFarland petitioned the State Senate Commitee of Privileges and Elections to protest the election. Only 500 votes had been cast, yet 623 votes had been counted. The petition claimed that "Affidavits of 289 persons lawfully entitled to vote in the said county voluntarily made before acting Justices in said county, that had each and every one of them, voted with single tickets for McFarland; he should have at least that number, which from that number that did actually vote, would have given him a majority of 78. It appears further to your committee that the Sheriff, who insisted on his right to keep the boxes and who did carry them away from the Court House on Thursday night of the Election was violently opposed to McFarland, and from the deposition of John Cole, one of the Inspectors of the said Election, It is presumed that the Senate Box was on that night opened and tickets for Sanford, placed therein." Petition to the State Senate Committee of Privileges and Elections.


Legislative Papers. State Archives of North Carolina, Raleigh.
Journal of the North Carolina State Senate, 1800. 13.
Petition to the State Senate Committee of Privileges and Elections.

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