Vermont 1802 U.S. House of Representatives, District 1

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Vermont 1802 U.S. House of Representatives, District 1
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Gideon Olin, Jonas Galusha, Abel Spencer, Chauncey Langdon, Daniel Fay, James Wetherill, C. Smith, Moses Robinson, Jonathan Bell, Theophilus Harrington, scattering
Candidates: Gideon Olin[1]Jonas GalushaAbel SpencerChauncey LangdonDaniel FayJames WetherillC. SmithMoses RobinsonJonathan BellTheophilus Harringtonscattering
Final Result: [2]13804623602534812851112
District of Southwest13804623602534812851112
Bennington County55823918377212-5--12
Town of Bennington17014-321--2---
Town of Pownal86-36--------
Town of Readsboro36--1------
Town of Shaftsbury7488-1---3---
Town of Stamford40--3-------
Town of Winhall-5-20-12-----
Town of Woodford16---------3
Rutland County[3]82222317717646-8-11-
Town of Benson752-37--8----
Town of Brandon19145--------
Town of Castleton3718-26-------
Town of Chittenden2-19--------
Town of Claredon1339---------
Town of Danby3624--------
Town of Fairhaven25683-------
Town of Harwich8----------
Town of Hubbardton-38-6-------
Town of Ira22---1------
Town of Middletown[4]91241845----1-
Town of Mount Holly39-1--------
Town of Orwell[5]134-42-------
Town of Pawlet841120-------
Town of Pittsfield[6]24-7--------
Town of Pittsford7121215-------
Town of Poultney87-425-------
Town of Rutland[7]7337819----1--
Town of Sherburne5----------
Town of Shrewsbury[8]21173-------
Town of Sudbury3711--------
Town of Tinmouth301731-------
Town of Wallingford2212191-------
Town of Wells385---------


[2]The Official Results as listed in several sources, including the Middlebury Mercury (Middlebury, VT), January 19 and the Vermont Mercury (Rutland, VT), January 17, were 1375 votes for Gideon Olin, 459 for Jonas Galusha, 354 for Abel Spencer, and 257 for Chauncey Langdon. The county totals, however, add up to 1380 votes for Olin, 462 votes for Galusha, 360 votes for Spencer and 253 votes for Langdon.
[3]The Official Results list Gideon Olin with 817 votes, Jonas Galusha with 220 votes, Abel Spencer with 171 votes and Chauncey Langdon with 180 votes but the town totals add up to 822 votes for Olin, 223 votes for Galusha, 177 votes for Spencer and 176 votes for Langdon.
[4]The Rutland Herald (Rutland, VT), December 27, reports 11 votes for Gideon Olin and 9 for Jonas Galusha in Middletown.
[5]The Rutland Herald (Rutland, VT), December 27, reports 131 votes for Gideon Olin in Orwell.
[6]The Rutland Herald (Rutland, VT), December 27, reports 15 votes for Gideon Olin and 5 for Olin Spencer.
[7]The Rutland Herald (Rutland, VT), December 27, reports 9 votes for Gideon Olin in Rutland.
[8]The Rutland Herald (Rutland, VT), December 27, reports 3 votes for Abel Spencer and 7 for Chauncey Langdon in Shrewsbury.


Bennington Town Records.
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