New York 1800 Assembly, Rensselaer County

Assembly (State)
New York 1800 Assembly, Rensselaer County
New York
First Ballot
Jonathan Brown, John Lovett, James MacKown, Josiah Masters, John E. Van Alen, Hosea Moffit, James L. Hoboom, Walter N. Groosbeck, Henry K. V. Rensselaer, Caleb Bently, Aaron Van Dyck, John Wager, Joseph Dorr, James Newcomb, scattering
Candidates: Jonathan Brown[1]John Lovett[2]James MacKown[3]Josiah Masters[4]John E. Van Alen[5]Hosea Moffit[6]James L. HoboomWalter N. GroosbeckHenry K. V. RensselaerCaleb BentlyAaron Van DyckJohn WagerJoseph DorrJames Newcombscattering
Final Result: [7][8]148414681428142314091409243241235230218214392928
Rensselaer County[9]148414681428142314091409243241235230218214392928
Town of Greenbush172172165169159166495168504949---
Town of Hoosick104101989790971297111113929-
Town of Petersburgh218216221215215212888988---
Town of Pittstown1049886828996514339434140---
Town of Schaghtcoke[10]125128126106116121263924252525---
Town of Schodach245242228249244247242526232123---
Town of Stephenstown259259250254243212666866---
Town of Troy[11]257252254251253258676057615762---


[7]The Lansingburgh Gazette May 6, 1800 lists 238 votes for Caleb Bently.
[8]The vote totals, as shown in The Albany Centinel (Albany, NY) May 6, 1800, seem to have been placed in the wrong candidate columns. Hosea Moffitt is listed with 1484 votes which is the total for John Brown, John Brown is listed with 1423 which is the total for Josiah Masters and Josiah Masters is listed with 1409 which is the same total given for John E. Van Alen.
[9]"Not any of the gentlemen voted for in opposition to the above ticket, received more than 243 votes." The Albany Centinel (Albany, NY). May 6, 1800.
[10]The Albany Centinel (Albany, NY) lists 106 votes for Jonathan Brown, 121 votes for Josiah Masters, 110 votes for John E. Van Alen and 125 votes for Hosea Moffit.
[11]The Albany Centinel (Albany, NY) lists 225 votes for Hosea Moffit.


The Albany Centinel (Albany, NY). May 6, 1800.
Lansingburgh Gazette (Lansingburgh, NY). May 6, 1800.

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