New York 1796 State Senate, Eastern District

State Senate (State)
State Senator
New York 1796 State Senate, Eastern District
New York
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Peter Silvester, James Savage, Ebenezer Clark, Moses Vail, Antony Ten Eyck, David Hopkins, John Woodworth, Philip L. Hoffman, Jonathan Brown, Peter Van Ness, Thomas Tredwell
Candidates: Peter Silvester[1]James Savage[2]Ebenezer Clark[3]Moses Vail[4]Antony Ten Eyck[5]David HopkinsJohn WoodworthPhilip L. HoffmanJonathan BrownPeter Van NessThomas Tredwell
Final Result: [6]2525238822452061196118561806139213661240193
District of Eastern2525238822452061196118561806139213661240193
Clinton County132966111787-9427-3372
Town of Champlain2727-2727------
Town of Crownpoint16178161-12----
Town of Peru1915-124-22--4-
Town of Plattsburg23-81610-5127-29-
Town of Willsborough4737454645-9----
Columbia County820965542584591750661618725573-
Town of Canaan138145101108109180178171173134-
Town of Chatham1381451121341276362492653-
Town of Claverack83826262648794878593-
Town of Clermont292223231721139127-
Town of Germantown-----------
Town of Hillsdale5022230353415357159177155-
City of Hudson1091091041051051821221817-
Town of Kinderhook1371021041111294757625276-
Town of Livingston1361386661831795918238-
Rensselaer County827772751836766427493389360400-
Town of Greenbush75697463743048332835-
Town of Hosack55504547321931142511-
Town of Petersburgh867864807192100829674-
Town of Pittstown69575456567884786776-
Town of Schaghticoke111144116356452559-
Town of Schodack1761691681681821834181925-
Town of Stephentown2322312312322283034283131-
Town of Troy12311711414611297106916989-
Washington County746555891524517677558358281234121
Town of Argyle991011258883103016-2-
Town of Cambridge17717122115214341435630-
Town of Easton384541136533----
Town of Granville392132293270822811-
Town of Hampton--45--484949-2-
Town of Hartford8077847872-7----
Town of Hebron421866713212195165159108-
Town of Kingsburg51276345267242221-
Town of Queensborough24-2726--2423---
Town of Salem1359415188112104386235-
Town of Thurman-----25-----
Town of Westfield61172--7466-7012-
Town of Whitehall--1--3371501363-


[6]The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY) lists David Hopkins with 1854 votes, but doing the addition of the totals from the several towns and counties gives the above total.


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