candidates supported by both major parties

As early as the first Federal elections in 1788, there were candidates, who while alligned with one party or another, was supported in the press by both parties in a particular election.


Commissioner: A member of a permanently constituted commission or government board.

Oxford English Dictionary

In most states, the main political unit was the County, and Commissioners were responsible of maintaining the county roads, poor house, county buildings, collection of taxes and other related business.

1787 - 1824: Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Office Scope: County / Town(ship) / Hundred / District

Role Scope: County / Town(ship) / Hundred / District

Scope Note: In most of Pennyslvania, this is a County position, but due to the minor civil divisions around Philadelphia, it is also a position for the township of Northern Liberties and the District of Spring Garden.